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    23rd World Congress of Psychotherapy
    Casablanca, Morocco, 9-11 February 2023

    Presidential Welcome

    Prof. Dr. Driss Moussaoui

    Since its foundation in 1934, the International Federation for Psychotherapy organized 22 world congresses, mostly in Europe and Asia. The 23 rd World Congress of Psychotherapy will take place in Africa for the first time, namely in Casablanca, Morocco, from 9 to 11 February 2023.

    Despite the Covid-19 pandemic, we have taken the challenge to organize this congress face- to-face. This is due to the fact that 75% of the total population of Morocco has been vaccinated so far, including a third jab for millions, and it is constantly in progress. The Omicron wave spreads the virus more rapidly, but seems to give less severe clinical situations. The Director General of WHO announced that 2022 will represent the end of the pandemic, and many scientists around the world consider that coronavirus will become endemic with seasonal variations, and that it will become the “new normal” to live with. It is time to have our congress in person again! Moreover, the pandemic, that lasted so far more than two years, showed very clearly the necessity to address mental health difficulties and disorders, including with psychotherapeutic tools.

    The theme of the World Congress is “Psychotherapy and World Mental Health 2023”. A superb scientific programme is being constructed on current challenges for psychotherapy worldwide, including innovations in our field, and the paths ahead of us. The scientific committee is led by César Alfonso, USA, Tom Craig, UK, Fiammetta Cosci, Italy and Gisele Apter, France.

    Casablanca is an appealing city to visit with many beautiful spots, not to mention other Moroccan cities that are worth the visit (Marrakech, Fes, Essaouira,...). The National organizing committee, led by Nadia Kadri and Hachem Tyal, along with the professional congress organizer Realize Events, are preparing a nice social and cultural programme.

    I do hope that in February 2023, we will have both a world free of Covid-19 and a very successful world congress. Please disseminate the news. See you in Casablanca in 2023!

    Prof. Dr. Driss Moussaoui
    President, International Federation for Psychotherapy
    President, 23 rd World Congress of Psychotherapy

    IFP WCP 2023 Scientific Committee

    President of the Congress:
    Driss Moussaoui (Morocco)

    Norman Sartorius (Croatia)
    Scientific Executive Committee:
    César Alfonso (USA)
    Gisèle Apter (France)
    Fiammetta Cosci (Italy)
    Tom Craig (UK)

    National Organizing Committee:
    Nadia Kadri, co-chair (Morocco)
    Hachem Tyal, co-chair (Morocco)
    Chaimaa Aroui, secretary (Morocco)

    Scientific Committee:

    Farid Kacha (Algeria)
    Reham Aly (Egypt)
    Tarek Okasha (Egypt)
    Gabriel Ivbijaro (Nigeria)
    Jibril Handuleh (Somaliland)
    Gerhard Grobler (South Africa)
    Matiko Mwita (Tanzania)
    Saïda Douki Dedieu (Tunisia)
    Nidhal Staali (Tunisia)

    Santiago Levin (Argentina)
    Graciela Onofrio (Argentina)
    Mario Eduardo Costa Pereira (Brazil)
    Vincenzo Di Nicola (Canada)
    Farooq Naeem (Canada)
    Henry Garcia Moncaleano (Colombia)
    Renato Alarcón (Peru)
    Eduardo Gastelumendi (Peru)
    Asher Aladjem (USA)
    Raúl Condemarín (USA)
    Erin Crocker (USA)
    Eugenio Rothe (USA)
    Joseph Silvio (USA)
    Timothy Sullivan (USA)
    Allan Tasman (USA)

    Roger Ng (China)
    Wang Hongxing (China)
    Debasish Basu (India)
    Sylvia Detri Elvira (Indonesia)
    Rizky Aniza Winanda (Indonesia)
    Amir Jalali Nadoushan (Iran)
    Saman Tavakoli (Iran)
    Shigeru Iwakabe (Japan)
    Aimée Karam (Lebanon)
    Hazli Zakaria (Malaysia)
    Afzal Javed (Pakistan)
    Constantine Della (Philippines)
    Alma Jimenez (Philippines)
    Warut Aunjitsakul (Thailand)
    Rasmon Kalayasiri (Thailand)
    Helen Herrman (Australia)

    Christopher Pieh (Austria)
    Marc Hermans (Belgium)
    Katerina Duchonova (Czech Republic)
    Jan Prasko (Czech Republic)
    Erik Simonsen (Denmark)
    Michel Botbol (France)
    Rachid Bennegadi (France)
    Hervé Granier (France)
    Maria Ammon (Germany)
    Luca Giorgini (Italy)
    Mariana Pinto da Costa (Portugal)
    Nikolai Neznanov (Russia)
    Anna Vasiljeva (Russia)
    Dusica Lecic Tosevski (Serbia)
    María Inés López Ibor (Spain)
    Carlos Rodríguez-Sutil (Spain)
    Marianne Kastrup (Sweden)
    Iris Sarajlic Vukovic (Sweden)
    Franz Caspar (Switzerland)
    Bruno Falissard (Switzerland)
    François Ferrero (Switzerland)
    Ulrich Schnyder (Switzerland)
    Peter Schulthess (Switzerland)
    Peykan Gokalp (Turkey)
    Dinesh Bhugra (UK)
    Jian Lin Loo (UK) 


    The following courses will be offered to conference registrants on Day 1 of the congress (9 February 2023). Courses 1-4 will be offered in parallel rooms from 09:00-12:00 and Courses 5-7 from 14:00-17:00. Conference participants will be able to pre-register in advance and select up to two courses to secure attendance. Click here for details

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    Prof. Driss Moussaoui, M.D, President

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